Blood and water

Nov 24, 2014

  Sitting in the newly re-modelled renal clinic waiting room, of The Royal Melbourne hospital. Sitting across from my parents. The small round lights in the ceiling above our heads seem overly warm to me. My parents look old. When did this happen? Did I have something to do with this? Today is Dad’s day…

Hip Ennui has no place here: Why BBC’s Keepin Up Appearances is great.

Sep 21, 2014

In 1994, kids cooler than I, were mourning the death of Kurt Cobain. In 1994 Weezer released their Blue album. In 1994 I lived on a dairy farm. There was no computer, no internet, no myspace or itunes. I had ABC on television. In 1994 I loved a show called Keeping Up Appearances. I was…

My Hearts Inflames. My body’s Strange: A review of Svankmajer’s ALICE.

Sep 5, 2014

  You are a child and you dream. The dreams do not always make sense. There are gaps in your understanding of the images and context. Sometimes you wake with little memory of the actual context of the dream. You do, however, remember how the dream made you feel. Frightened and scared and at a…

My Upper Thigh

Sep 1, 2014

Lets make tracks here’s a pen draw on me. glide the pen tip across the pale skin of my hip bone. Press down just a little harder. Here’s a pen draw on me. remember when very young it was said the ink would poison you permeate the skin and murk up your blood with infection….

blood test #124

Aug 29, 2014

She filled four tubes with the blood from my veins. and asked me to check the spelling of my own name. dizzy little heart breaker dizzy little girl. what will the next step be? wander round the city with a band aid across the bright blue river that is the plumpest of veins. Feeling like…

They say that I’m the master, of loving and loosing heart.

Aug 13, 2014

On Saturday morning, I awake to the sound of my phone beeping. I do not check it. It is mid morning and the sun is out. There are yellow splashes of sunlight falling across my bedroom wall and bookcase. I wait for the feeling of pain or nausea to wash over me, but, it does…

Texts From A narcissist

Jul 27, 2014

  ‘’Obviously for me the words are what’s important and that’s the subject matter. Words or sayings can reflect how we live or the language that we use.’’ Jon Campbell.   When my sister was 4 years old, she had an imaginary friend. His name was Melville. He worked at the Melbourne zoo. He fed…

Lost Properties

Jul 27, 2014

It was Tuesday afternoon. The day after my adventure to Monash Caulfield campus, to see Chris Klaus speak. I was gallery sitting at West Space Gallery. There is a video work in the entrance gallery to my left. The art director is standing in front of it and looking pensive. It is a projection and…

The New Universal: A Conversation with Chris Kraus. 30th june 2014

Jul 24, 2014

When someone told me at poetry book club that Chris Kraus was coming to Monash University for the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association Conference, I was pretty excited. Such was my enthusiasm that I found out she was giving a free talk at Monash university Clayton campus. I decided to go to that as well. I…