Punk Rocker gets A Kidney Transplant

May 31, 2019

Hello everyone. I got an email saying that they are closing ABC OPEN and if I wanted to keep my story I needed to go and get it so I did. And here it is. Something I wrote a few months after the transplant and before I went to get my biopsy and nearly didn’t…

Not quite the whole cherry

May 22, 2019

there are no photos from all the way Back then but I don’t need them To see what They would show. You and me drunk And in a muddle my head turned In your direction Waiting They ask you the questions You shrug I Say it doesn’t matter We are always chasing The attention of…

I should have loved a thunder bird

May 12, 2019

I run to the bottom of the garden, my pale uncovered feet turning numb with the cold and wet blades of grass sticking to my heels. The night is dark and still. The houses surrounding me are full of slumbering parents with good stable jobs and children that are well adjusted and happy. That is perhaps until life experience…

Im A Hopeless Romantic. You’re Just Hopeless

May 6, 2019

It didn’t work in the end. my words though good I guess did not win his heart. Thank goodness.

In Five Words Or Less

May 1, 2019

I want to jump into those pages and find myself at 21 and shake her and hug her and shake her again before telling her how beautiful she actually is, how funny and unique and that yes, she should definitely go and see a phycologist because my young darling version of me, you are all over the place emotionally and part of that is because you are 21 and the religious ideologies put on you from birth have messed you up big time, it’s also because you are incredibly depressed and trying way to hard to not let anybody know.

I may be ugly but they sure love to stare

Apr 26, 2019

I don’t go home for the long weekend. Instead I run a bath in the afternoon so I can sit in hot water and sweet smelling bubbles as I read one of my journals circa 2010. I light candles and scan the pages looking for some sentences to send to the woman doing her phd…

Blood Test #298?

Mar 26, 2019

On the crowded morning tram I am grateful for being around at a time in medical history where blood tests are carried out in such a hygienic and safe way. I am drinking water from a reused glass coke bottle as I walk through the hospital 9am on Tuesday morning with a stomach sans breakfast…

Nice Day For A White (Person) Wedding

Mar 12, 2019

There is a wedding. One of my Mormon cousins is getting married. Ezekiel looks like James Franco and has the affable nature of someone who does not realize he looks like a movie star. They are having a very untraditional Mormon wedding. It’s held at a venue where there is actual alcohol available to drink…

A Cool Change Comes

Mar 7, 2019

On the way to my Psychiatrist appointment on Saturday it is forty degrees and from the front passenger seat all the cars on the road look black in summer sun glare. In the distance billows a fat white cloud that is difficult to identify. It looks so beautiful and scary. Later I will read what…