Wanted Not wanting

Mar 26, 2018

Sure sex is great but have you ever been given the digits of a beautiful theatre maker from Columbia in the hopes you would help them realize their most salient theatre vision?  

Cold Soft Drink Is Sometimes Free

Mar 15, 2018

Monday morning I got up early so I could go get a blood test at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Nothing new or unusual in this. I have to get the blood test the day before my appointment so that the results can be read by my nephrologist as I sit in a hair and watch. …


Jan 17, 2018

A PLAY WITH NO DIALOGUE   SCENE 1   It is an afternoon in the middle of winter. The young woman is in a bright red coat and walking from one side of the stage. She is deep in thought and wearing headphones. The big kind that cover your ears like ear muffs. The audience…

Music is and you never

Jan 17, 2018

    while living over seas missing somebody who was not and didn’t ever want like I did will you be online soon? this city is so cold oceans and a time zone difference misunderstanding intentions and feelings.  I saw and heard with ears open and heart gaping bloody and overfilled  A longing so boring…

Rock and Roll Queen: top gigs of 2017

Dec 18, 2017

When compiling this list of gigs attended during 2017  that was 2017 there was a great deal of feelings that emerged. One of these feeling was gratitude, gratitude for camera phones that helped you remember dates and venues. Happiness that I have the pleasure to get consumed by the beauty of the collective conscious that…

Fight Consumer Driven Christmas with Picture Story Books

Dec 17, 2017

It is christmas and I have nieces and nephews. Being an aunt at christmas is a darn sight easier than being a mother. I have no idea how my mother managed to organize christmas presents for five children. It is even more amazing as we lived over an hour from a town with a shopping…


Nov 26, 2017

My leather jacket is eleven years old and still a staple of my look. It has not grown too small. A obvious and distinct piece of luck that is not taken for granted. I actually wanted a jacket more like a biker jacket , all my pop punk friends had them. They purchased them from…

the protein responsible for growing fingers in-utero is called Sonic Hedgehog

Nov 22, 2017

The party takes place at my friend and his partner’s apartment that overlooks Swanston St in the city. He has borrowed a fancy overhead projector from his work and set it up in the small living room. As guests arrived he had the old film Nosferatu playing on the projector screen with no sound. Grimes…

A Mormon Apostate goes to see The Testament Of Mary

Nov 11, 2017

In all my time growing up in the Mormon faith, going to church and listening to intensely friendly and faithful grown ups tell me how wonderfully lucky we are to be living in ”the last days” I never heard much talk about any of the women in the bible or in The Book Of Mormon….