Not your imaginary friend. Go-Go Sapien at The Tote 5/11/2017

Nov 7, 2017

As my friend says:  G0_Go Sapien are the perfect love child of Ween and the B52s – an eclectic bundle of joy wrapped in spandex ready to infect you with dance and solubiouse metaphor.

Being born is an accident of chance.

Nov 5, 2017

Imagine being told that You decided to be born. In the pre existence. You were given the opportunity to be born into a human body. You were one of the ones who jumped for joy at the prospect of living in fallible human skin and bone. You chose this. Be grateful. You knew what you…

The day before my birthday

Oct 26, 2017

I saw some art today. It was an impulse decision made as I got ready to leave the house for my first hair cut in months and months. I had cut my own fringe a week ago and been very pleased with the result. I am not sure why the last hair dresser I had…


Oct 13, 2017

  When I visited to Japan, I was sure it would be so easy to find clothes that fit me. I listened to friends tell of terrible experiences they had, trying to find cute clothes that fit them. I was excited: I am small, after all. I took a practically empty suitcase to fill with…

Free Drinks On A Spring Saturday

Oct 9, 2017

I am not my feature image. That is not something I can constantly be. Saturday proved this in hyper colour and surround sound. At least thats how it seems in my anxiety filled over thinking and reliving every wrong word. Why wasn’t I just chill about it all?   It was a rare day where…

The Male Gaze is turned on its head and it is cathartic as all hell.

Oct 6, 2017

When Candy Bowers and Victoria Chiu ask you to work with them, you say yes. Of course!

Getting Your Photo Taken can be a rebellion Against Your never ending Insecurities.

Aug 28, 2017

body image
and a drunken encounter with a friendly drunk surgeon. Content warning for discussion of body image issues.

photography club

Aug 25, 2017

Today as I was walking away from thousand pound bend because it was shut. A baby boomer with a fancy camera approached me a little shyly. Hello. He said. Can I please take your photograph? Why? I said confused and worried a little bit. I’m retired and part of a photography club. He said. Your…

You never even knew who The Buzzcocks were before knowing and loving me.

Aug 22, 2017

Sometimes I put my middle finger up at your memory  As if you are standing right here  And able to see Orgasm addict by the buzzcocks Was one of our many songs It was funny because it was me I was an addict  In all my Sunday school classes and church teachings  Warning against it…