How To Build A Skeleton Heart: Love letters

How To Build A Skeleton Heart: Love letters


It is halloween night. My first Halloween ever experienced or celebrated. I always felt very pleased that my birth fell in the same week as All Hallows Eve. I didnt trick or treat as a child would but Halloween night is when the grown ups take over, dress up and drink.

Chalk Farm Rd was crowded with a variety of costumed revellers, who are all drunkenly planning what to do next now that the establishment housing the halloween party, was now closed. The crush of bodies all leaving the place at once moved very quickly. It propelled little Jess forward at no effort on her part. She felt her body move forward slowly at first and then, very suddenly it got fast. the crowd surged forward and Jess is flung directly into the chest of a tall man dressed as a surgeon. Had he not been there to cushion her fall, our tiny anti hero would have been thrown face first into a hard oak door frame. ”Are you, OK?’ the pretend surgeon says, looking down into her startled face. Jess nods. ‘Yes thank you.’ She says, regaining her composure and straightening her tartan skirt. She was dressed as Emily The Strange. Because it was easy as she had all the items already in her posession.

Outside The small one finds her friends Tammy and her two cousins, they walk in a hap hazard fashion down to the corner where there is a petrol station. Her friends cousins had a taxi driver on speed dial who they referred to as Pay Man. He was always stoned and barely spoke in full sentences, like a sloth who was learning speech.

So there she was with her new friends as they waited for the taxi to pull up.

Tammy started singing drunkenly and Jess, knowing the words, joined in.

”Bang. Bang. He shot me down.”

”Bang Bang. My baby shot me down.”

Your tiny far away friend locks eyes with a young man from across the road, who is waiting at the lights directly opposite her. The light changed and he started walking toward her as she kept singing drunkenly and she hoped invitingly. Who wouldn’t be turned on by a drunk girl in knee high striped socks singing about being shot by their lover? Her light was bright green and shining out enticing this guy towards her. He came and sat beside her on the bench. ‘Hi, Im Edward.’ He says.”Hi, Im Jess. I’m 12.’ She giggles evilly.

‘Oh.’ He looks disapointed. ‘Thats a bit of a deal breaker.’ He has passed the creep test as far as the drunk twit of a girl is concerned. So she kisses his ear and then whispers into it, ‘Im joking. It was a test and you passed.’ She feels this is seductive, or ay least as seductive as she can be when her blood alcohol level is way high. He seems game and their lips meet. She thinks of the boy back home and she takes affirmative action to escape such pointless looking back. To push them out of her mind she whispers to Edward ‘Where do you live?’ This Emily The Strange try hard fully intended to go home with this guy. She fully intended to sleep with him. Fuck the pain away as Peaches famously sang. That singer song writer should know. She used to be a teacher. Just like Jess. And just like Jess it was a short lived profession.

Suddenly a bunch of people were shouting her name over and over, ruining her wonderful make out session with Random Edward.

JESS! JESS! COME ON! They were in the taxi and had a back door open ready for her. ”I will call you!’ She shouts gleefully. Then turns back and resumes making out. Tammy and her cousin exchange heated words from the taxi. ”I’m NOT leaving her.’ Tammy’s cousin Tash says. Tash is a striking young woman with long dark wavy hair and she was not taking any prisoners. she gets out of the taxi calling out about how Jess is making her invoke the power of her jewish mother and so ‘JESS’ had better watch out. She storms towards the two drunken lust birds.

‘Jess, get in the taxi now.’ She demands. Her face set in grim determination. ‘She will call you.’ Edward says unfazed by the scary hot with protective rage woman. his arm is still around her waist and his grip tightens a bit as Tash tries to pull at her inebriated charge. She was an inebriated prize that Edward was in no mind to relinquish. The friends had more pull and so she allowed her self to be pried from Edwards arm and led to the taxi.

”I LOVE YOU JESSICA.’ Edward shouts to Jess’s retreating back. Once in the back of the black cab, she winds down the window and shouts back to Edward as he stays sitting on the bench eyes focused on her. ”That’s not love, Dude. That’s an erection!’

The rest of the night is spent at Tash’s place. Jess watches her friends do line after line of cocain as she tries not to be bored and pissed off that she let herself be ‘saved’ from making a ‘mistake’ in order to do this.

happy halloween!