Medically speaking you’re adorable

Medically speaking you’re adorable

I gave blood yesterday as well but that was for a different doctor and unexpected so here I am again. The exact same pathology nurse I had yesterday. “Oh. Babe! Your back again!” She exclaimed. I like her. She takes blood painlessly and knows how to distract me with questions about myself. 

I have gotten quite good over my lifetime, at putting what’s inside of me, out and into the world. Sometimes it is because I have to and then I must relinquish control over what’s happening to me, to a certain extent. I sit still, put out a limb and wait for the moment that what’s beneath my skin and inside one of my many veins, gets intruded by a needle with the beautiful name of Butterfly, and then my red inside goes on a little trip through the eye of the butterfly needles and gets captured by vials and taken away to be studied and measured on a variety of contexts. 

Once the blood is taken I get this nurse to take my photo. She takes a variety of angles without me even having to ask. Before handing me the plastic jar with a yellow lid. “You know what to do?” She asks. “Oh yes.” I say. “I’ve peed for you guys many many times.” I wonder if this is why I love getting up on stage and pouring my heart out in front of people. Why I was drawn to writing from such a young age. 

Every time I do that it’s because I want to.

Yes. I have become quite good over my lifetime, at putting my insides out into the outside world.