Music is and you never

Music is and you never



while living over seas

missing somebody who was not and didn’t ever want

like I did

will you be online soon?

this city is so cold

oceans and a time zone difference
misunderstanding intentions and feelings.

 I saw and heard with ears open

and heart gaping bloody and overfilled

 A longing so boring and unproductive
Like staring at nothing and winning imaginary arguments
Boring like flooding your apartment

to distract from the impending death of aspirations

A sad middle age man with a drinking problem

who lives with his mother in Greater Manchester.

He says Im actually quite beautiful

as we take a late night train

there you are again keeping me company via pocket sized magic

your words blurt into my present

funny and sweet sugar needle in the veins

and there is no distance anymore

with a beautiful new friend
Seven years younger
Who makes me tea and pancakes
Eaten on a three mattress high double bed

set up in a living room

so many songs made me think

in rain soaked Wales

Where I Danced and twirled around

in a faithful  jacket that shunned the wind

cloistered by vast self delusion.

thinking about it less
talking about it less
letting it go
dancing with lighter foot fall