Not your imaginary friend.  Go-Go Sapien at The Tote 5/11/2017

Not your imaginary friend. Go-Go Sapien at The Tote 5/11/2017


The band G0-Go Sapien has been around for six years. They were formally called The Great Apes until another band with the same name contacted them. I showed up to this gig because my friend has recently started dating the younger brother of band member  Emily Jarret. I would just like to state here and now how in awe I am of siblings that are so creative and supportive of each other. It makes my heart all gooey and slightly envious. I mean, whats that kind of sibling relationship like? Also these two particular siblings are quite attractive in that they seem to have brilliant chromosome alignment.

I had no idea what I am in for and am quite excited. No research into the band prior to arriving at the tote had been undertaken. Save for finding the band’s facebook page and quickly pressing like.  This is one of the great things about living in Melbourne and retaining a love of the local music scene and maintaining  your live music curiosity.

This particular gig was special as it was the launch of their third album Love In Other Dimensions 

They performed the entire album on stage for the crowd. I was enthralled from the very first moment. There was amazing lighting decisions and a sense of anticipation. It felt like something from a sixties science fiction film. The band member appeared on stage all wearing white outfits. This was to be the first of many costume changes.

Will Hindmarsh even had a spider costume that he wore while performing the song Victorian Spiders whose lyrics could have been from a HP Lovecroft story. The sense that the band members were in thier element up there is an understatement.  Thier joy was infectious and its been ages since smiling idiotically with joy has been a impulse of the mouth muscles. This band is fun and this band if dramatic and theatrical without taking themselves too seriously. They reminded me of what my drama teacher said in our first year twelve class, ”If you want to succeed here, you need to leave your inhibitions at the door.”  It would be very surprising if some of their inspiration came from the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its song Don’t dream it be it.  Emily Jarret’s red sparkly get up was the epitome of a living dream.


Sexy Kiss, the second last song on the album is performed with extra surreal zeal. Will and Emily perform the song wearing home made masks of giant lips.

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It is when I hear the song Winona that I realize I have heard the song played on Triple R and loved it from the first driven beat. It is an even better song played live. In fact the whole new album is brilliant fun to witness live. But not so scared that I wont do it. You should buy the album as it is quite beautiful. You can get an ear taste of what they sound like by going to band camp:

As my friend says:  G0_Go Sapien are the perfect love child of Ween and the B52s – an eclectic bundle of joy wrapped in spandex ready to infect you with dance and solubiouse metaphor.


Behold the mind-blowingly SUMPTUOUS cover art for our new album, designed by visual genius and great-mate Kashka Hardy!!!
New album ‘Love in Other Dimensions’ available for digital download + Vinyl & CD preorders
 — Go-Go Sapien is  Kal SalterEmily Jarrett,Callan James WalkerWill Hindmarsh and Iain Wilson.