photography club

photography club

Today as I was walking away from thousand pound bend because it was shut. A baby boomer with a fancy camera approached me a little shyly. Hello. He said. Can I please take your photograph?
Why? I said confused and worried a little bit.
I’m retired and part of a photography club. He said. Your photos wouldn’t go on the internet. They would just be shown to my photography club.
My guard goes down. And I smile.

You look like a very interesting young person. He says.
I grin. My outfit is very very excellent. He had a good eye.

I let him take my photo. He takes a few.
I’m wearing black ballet flats, fishnets under black and white horizontal stripe high waisted shorts, buffy the vampire slayer t shirt and red crop cardigan. And my black leather jacket. Because fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it.

The baby boomer photographer asks me what I do and I tell him I’m a writer.
He gets my blog details and my email address. He says he will send me the photos. He takes my photo while I write my details down.

He introduces me to his teenage son who is also a “mad keen photographer” The son says nothing but smiles shyly and laughs at my jokes.

It felt good. I used to worry so much about being considered pretty and sexually attractive. But being eye catching because of how I threw my outfit together and being “interesting” is so much better.

The red cardigan is a birthday present from a boyfriend years ago (10) purchased with a gift voucher to that store vicious Venus. The voucher was for 300$ I got more than the cardigan but the cardigan became a long lasting staple. Also 300$ ?? That’s stupid amazing amount of money. I should have known he was lying to me about something. Any who !
T shirt I got while drunk on the internet. Shorts I got from Japan and fishnets also from Japan Worn over Off white tights for a very cool two tone effect.

After that random interaction I got to go to The Moat and discuss all things disability and writing with two total babes who I will get to talk smart with at The National Young Writers Festival. Evan and Julia talking to you two was like talking to old friends. But friends who understood all the stuff you can’t really talk to your normal friends with as you worry it’s boring and whiny.
To get to the end of a little rant and be met with “I get that” was beautiful.

When I got home my person was on their way out to play a gig. They looked super cute.