Not quite the whole cherry

there are no photos from all the way Back then but I don’t need them To see what They would show. You and me drunk And in a muddle my head turned In your direction Waiting They ask you the questions You shrug I Say it doesn’t matter We are always chasing The attention of…

Zooming House

You take photos of me in the Escher and Nendo exhibition at The NGV.   You take  the photos of me crawling in as far as I can go into an installation designed by Oki Sato entitled Zooming House (2018).  Should you leave me it would be all the photos you took of me that would haunt…

Super Fun Mormon Guilt Play list

Hell in Every Religion by Stevie Jean Crucify by Tori Amos Losing His Touch by Jack Off Jill Judith by A Perfect Circle Mansion In The Sky by Brian Jonestown Massacre Opiate by TOOL Gods Love by Bad Religion This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush Running Up That Hill by Placebo Head Like A Hole…

My parents had sex and I happened aka my birthday.

My birthday is spent in Sydney. It was very nearly not though as there was a slight communication mishap between my partner and I.  A month before my birthday they texted me to ask if they could book me for my birthday weekend. I had replied with my usual sardonic humour with something about being…

Red Dirt Poetry Festival

Highlights of Red Dirt Poetry Festival in Alice Springs August 2-5 2018 For the first time I get my flights and accommodation covered for being a performer in a festival. It makes me feel incredible and dare I say it: like a real writer who is valued. The event organizer herself Laurel Jane May picks…

Avici Is the hellish area where dead sinners are reborn. 

”When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself?
Do you see yourself on the tv screen?
Do you see yourself in the magazine
When you see yourself, does it make you scream?
Identity is the crisis, can’t you see?
Identity, identity”
Polly Styrene XRay Spex

Dreams I dream while sleeping beside you

It is late at night and I am on a roof top bar all alone. A giant robot hovers high in the sky before it starts falling all at once. It is going to crush me and all I do is stand there staring up at it transfixed. Unafraid. Ready.

Wanted Not wanting

Sure sex is great but have you ever been given the digits of a beautiful theatre maker from Columbia in the hopes you would help them realize their most salient theatre vision?  

the protein responsible for growing fingers in-utero is called Sonic Hedgehog

The party takes place at my friend and his partner’s apartment that overlooks Swanston St in the city. He has borrowed a fancy overhead projector from his work and set it up in the small living room. As guests arrived he had the old film Nosferatu playing on the projector screen with no sound. Grimes…